Emily Bell

Emily Bell – Holistic & Pregnancy Massage

I qualified at the Quantum Metta School of Massage in 2014, going on to take further training in Pregnancy/Postnatal Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

I have always had an interest in health and wellbeing, growing up in a community which encouraged a mixture of natural healthcare alongside more mainstream approaches, and this philosophy is embedded in my practice.

I work holistically, taking into account your individual requirements and making a personalised treatment plan, and can incorporate deep tissue and neuro-muscular techniques to focus on key areas of pain. I have compassion and genuine care for my work, and offer a supportive, non judgemental space to help facilitate healing.

I specialise in pregnancy and postnatal massage, supporting your body through the changes experienced during pregnancy and after giving birth. I can also offer information on labour massage techniques during the later stages of pregnancy for yourself and your partner to use.

I am very interested in the mind body connection, and offer treatments for clients experiencing anxiety, dealing with stress or loss, going through times of emotional difficulty or life transition. Treatments are focused on easing tension in the body caused by prolonged stress, encouraging emotional and physical balance and flow of energy.

My treatments include aftercare advice tailored to you, such as stretches, meditation/breathing exercises and muscle relaxation techniques.

 Emily’s Treatments & Prices