Gayle Parnham

Gayle Parnham – Osteopath B.Ost

Gayle Parnham is a personable, friendly, registered structural osteopath, who enjoys working with patients across a broad spectrum, especially the older patient; but also dancers, horse riders and anyone who is passionate about enjoying a more active life.

Beginning her working life by training and then working as a chartered accountant, Gayle is a keen advocate of personal development and uses tools such as mindfulness and resilience both in her own life and by incorporating them into patient treatment plans where appropriate.

In her spare time Gayle relaxes by riding and spending time with her horse.  She also believes that it is important to practice what she preaches to her patients – hence why she pays attention to her own diet and works on her own strength, fitness and balance through varied exercise programmes, including weight training and yoga.  In this way Gayle feels that she can provide personally tried and tested advice to her patients.  Other interests include dancing Argentine tango and lindy hop, plus cooking and gardening.

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