Papu Jordan Reiki Workshops

Reiki 1 – Courses for Beginners

Learn how to use this gentle yet incredible therapy on yourself and your family – a cost effective and empowering way to help treat chronic conditions at your own pace convenience. The Reiki 1 course is perfect for those wishing to work on their own well-being and that of their family. The course runs over two days – it covers the background and effects of Reiki, 4 attunements that will help the energy to flow, lots of practical advice and guidance + plenty of time to ask questions. Students are expected to carry out a daily self treatment for 21 days following the course. The maximum number on the course is 5.

Cost: includes manual, refreshments and follow up advice.

Next 2 day courses in Harpenden: please contact us for more details.

Reiki 2 – Practitioner Level

Usually a minimum of 3 months after Reiki 1, the Reiki 2 course will help you extend your knowledge of reiki and become a clearer, more focussed channel by learning special symbols and further applications for Reiki, including Distance Healing. Students are required to keep a portfolio of Reiki experiences prior to the course. On completing the training, 3 case studies are required to be completed in the timeframe of 3 months. If you intend to become a Reiki Practitioner, it is recommended that you think about further studies in Anatomy & Physiology, First Aid and some Business & Professionalism training to obtain insurance (although insurance criteria vary, these subjects could all help you). Students are expected to carry out a daily self treatment for 21 days following the course.

Cost: includes manual, refreshments, marking of case studies and follow up advice.

Next 2 day course: please contact us for more details

Reiki Master and Teacher

The minimum period of time between Reiki 2 & Reiki Master/Teacher is usually 3 years, with at least 2 years professional practitioner experience. In this course you are given your final attunements and the symbols & procedures needed to teach Reiki. As well as the required syllabus, this course can offer flexibility by including specific content that is relevant to the individual student’s needs.

In addition to the Reiki portfolio and 3 further case studies, this course has an apprenticeship period – fees and further details upon request.Next course: please contact us for more details

Certificates are issued upon successful completion at all levels that can be used to gain insurance.

Reiki Shares

Reiki shares are a wonderful way to meet other people interested in Reiki, practise your skills and extend your knowledge of Reiki in an informal and non–judgemental environment. Originally started to support my newly qualified students, my Reiki shares here in Harpenden attract complete beginners to more established practitioners from a variety of backgrounds and lineages, all willing to share experiences, Reiki and laughter!

Reiki shares are 90 minutes long, held every 4 – 8 weeks with a choice of daytime or evening sessions. Next Reiki share: please contact us for upcoming dates

Advanced booking and contact details essential. NB shares may be cancelled at short notice if there are insufficient participants.

Reiki Skills Workshops

A great way to add specific techniques to your body of Reiki experiences. These practical workshops can help you to acquire additional Reiki skills and tools to enhance your treatments & assist you with a variety of conditions whilst having fun!

Reiki Skills Workshops are 120 minutes long, held every few months with a choice of daytime or Saturday/evening sessions. Costs – variable.

Advanced booking and contact details essential.

Please contact us for more details

Reiki skills workshops on “Giving a seated treatment”, “Hands off techniques”  & ” Reiki Massage for qualified therapists” & “Meditation” are currently being planned – please register your interest & availability.

In addition, Papu Jordan is available to give talks & run relaxation workshops for local groups.

Papu Jordan is a Complementary Therapists Association & Embody approved teacher.