Rachel Milroy’s Treatments and Prices

I offer both long and short term therapy. Shorter term therapy may focus on a particular issue or life event. Longer term therapy is helpful in exploring deeper seated relational issues rooted in early life. These matters can be discussed in an initial consultation. There are times when a single therapeutic intervention is all that is needed to help gain a different perspective.


£70.00 daytime

£80.00 evenings (after 6.00pm)

Apart from the first meeting, sessions take 50 minutes.   The first appointment is 90 minutes, this is longer as a full hour and a half is needed to gain a clear picture of what is troubling you at the moment and for you to tell me about your life and your relationships. There can be a lot of information so this extended length is useful as an initial consultation so that our time together does not feel rushed.  Often it is helpful to have a follow-up session, generally a week later, before deciding the best way forward.

In the the first instance it may be helpful to arrange a brief telephone conversation to discuss your needs and to arrange an appointment time I can be contacted on 07881 536 216

Alternatively I can be emailed at rachelmilroypsychotherapy@outlook.com

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