Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic pair therapy, is an innovative and revolutionary new therapy that re-establishes normal cellular milieu through the use of pairs of magnets of medium intensity. This balances the body’s PH, eliminating disease causing pathogens, and boosts immunity.

It is simple, non-evasive and extremely effective, using magnets of opposite polarity to detect PH distortion and neutralize it. Magnets have been used for their healing ability since the beginning of time. BMP therapy is different, in that it uses strong magnets in pairs of opposing polarity to restore health. To be in optimal health our body must maintain a PH close to 7.4. Outside of this range, pathogens such as parasites, viruses, fungus and bacteria are able to thrive.

According to Mexican doctor Isaac Goiz MD, who developed the therapy in the 1980’s (based on a body of work by the NASA Medical Chief), a large number of complex diseases are associated with the change of PH of internal organs and the presence of harmful pathogens. Quite simply, progression of disease cannot occur within a body with a balanced PH. The goal of this treatment is to restore the body own natural homeostasis – a PH of around 7.4

Biomagnetic Pair therapy is diagnostic, enabling the practitioner to discover the root cause of the illness, rather than treating the symptoms. It also free from side effects and compatible with any other traditional or alternative therapy.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been treated with Biomagnetism. It is now taught in a number of universities worldwide


The first treatment is diagnostic, much like a full body MOT. A body scan of over 300 points is taken, and imbalanced pairs are noted with the use of muscle testing. This scan provides clarity on the root cause of symptoms in the body.

Existing conditions, as well as those which have not yet manifested can be detected. Powerful magnets are then placed on the imbalanced points. The treatment lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

A course of 3-4 sessions a week apart are recommend to experience optimal results.


Amy Huggins