Mary McDowell Treatments & Prices

Mary combines the use of N.L.P (Neuro linguistic programming) and Hypnotherapy.

I aim to give you direction and a plan for your future helping my client to not only identify the problem but to also learn how to effectively attain a sense of peace and happiness whilst ridding themselves of bad habits or negative self talk. In essence I reprogram the mind whilst giving the client the tools to change and transform themselves for the better. These are  therapeutic procedures that are highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders.  The techniques I use can correct dysfunctional behaviours such as self-destructive habits, anxiety disorders, and even managing side effects of various medical treatments and procedures.

What can It do?

Stop self-destructive and addictive habits like smoking.

Curb the urge to eat for over-eaters,aide weight loss

Stem disruptive actions of tics

Cure insomnia 

Stop bed-wetting

Minimize anxiety and stress

Public speaking


Treat mild to moderate depression

Sessions are charged at £55 per 1hr session and £85 for an hour and a half.

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About Mary McDowell