Rakhi Vadhera

Hi, my name is Rakhi.  I am a certified Reflexologist (Member of Association of Reflexologists – MAR) and an Holistic Practitioner.  My Journey into Reflexology and other healing therapies started in 2009 in an effort to help my father lead a better quality of life, and bring some moments of happiness, peace and joy, while he was struggling to cope with total renal failure.

I have personally witnessed and experienced the positive effects that Reflexology, Crystal Healing, Reiki and other healing therapies have had on me, my family and friends.  As a result, I started studying more in depth about them, ultimately offering these amazing and life transforming therapies to my clients.

I have had the wonderful experience of working with the prestigious and renowned ‘Champneys – spa and health resort’ in Tring, Hertfordshire as a Reflexologist, spiritual healer and body work therapist.  I have also worked at the award winning Spa and Fitness Centre, ‘Breathing Space’ in Harpenden, and at ‘Clarity Yoga Shala’ in St. Albans , offering a range of treatments.

Reflexology is a non-invasive, natural way to improve health and vitality.  It is a healing therapy which involves working on reflexes and pressure points on the feet which correspond to different parts of the body in order to restore balance.

This gentle yet very powerful foot massage treatment induces a state of deep relaxation, activating the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to calm and balance the body.  It boosts the immune system by assisting in the elimination of toxins and increasing the blood circulation to different organs which is vital for the body’s ability to renew and revitalise itself.  When we become ill, the natural flow of energy in our body gets blocked and this stagnation of energy flow leads to disease.  Reflexology aims to locate these blocked zones and clears the channels to re-establish the flow of energy by assisting in activating the body’s own healing mechanisms.

I offer general Reflexology and speciality Reflexologies which includes: Natural Conception/ IVF, ICSI,ET / Pregnancy / Preparation for Labour / Postnatal / Baby & Toddler / Lymph Drainage / Hot Stone / Facial Reflexology.

I combine Reflexology with other powerful healing modalities like Reiki, Crystal healing, Meditation / Visualization or Massage.  Grounded in science and how the body functions, I also employ my intuition to work with the body’s energetic field and each therapy is tailor made according to my client’s needs.

My aim is to create an atmosphere of complete peace so that my clients can experience deep states of relaxation that activate the healing mechanism of the body ( Parasympathetic nervous system ), benefit from the positive effects of the treatment, and leave with an enhanced state of well-being, renewed balance and harmony in their lives.

Rakhi’s Treatments & Prices

For bookings, call 07495355966 or email at info@healing-tree.org  Monday and Fridays 11 am till 4 pm