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Symptoms of Ear Wax

The symptoms of excessive wax in the ears can be very annoying – ranging from a full feeling and itchiness to dizziness, pain, ringing (tinnitus) muffled hearing or even total hearing loss.

Sam uses both Microsuction and Irrigation techniques for Ear Wax removal:


Microsuction is a completely safe and pain-free method for gently and thoroughly removing Ear Wax. The process other than being a bit loud whilst in operation should not provide any discomfort at all. There are no liquids involved and therefore it is not messy and some of the limitations of conventional ear syringing provided in the GPs office become less problematic.

The Microsuction process involves examining the ear canal using a Endoscopic camera  whilst the wax is removed. A low-pressure suction device is used to dislodge and then suck up the blockage.


The Irrigation process involves applying a pressurised flow of water to break up and remove wax build up. It is easy and pain free and as long as the wax has been softened using olive oil it is an easy and effective way to remove ear wax.

You would need to ideally oil your ears for a couple of days before your ear wax removal appointment but this is not always necessary if you require an emergency appointment.


The standard cost for ear wax removal is:

1 Ear – £45

2 Ears – £65

Payment is immediately after treatment and can be completed by cash or card.

There is no charge if the ears are checked and no wax is removed.

Sessions last about 15/20 minutes depending on how impacted and hard the wax is.

Please call 0800 999 5992 or 0208 099 7402 to book an appointment for Ear Wax removal or email

Or alternatively fill in the online contact us form:

You will be contacted back within 24 hours.

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