Body Code TM

Your body has an incredible, innate ability to bounce back and heal itself from all kinds of stress, trauma and illness.  This self-healing ability is dependent on the right conditions.  If your body is imbalanced, it won’t be able to heal itself as well as it should.  Imbalances allow problems to build up over time.

Body Code™ is a state of the art, whole body, mind and spirit energy healing system.  It was developed by Dr Bradley Nelson, a holistic chiropractor.  He postulates that imbalances in six areas may be the underlying causes of all disease.

Energies – Trapped emotions, internalised traumas and other emotional energies.

Systems and Circuitry – The organs, glands, muscles, body systems and the connections between them.

Toxicity – Polluting heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation, medical and environmental toxins and more

Pathogens – Fungal, bacterial, viral, mould and parasitic invaders that create havoc with our cells

Structural – The bones, nerves and connective tissue and their alignment to support function.

Nutrition and Lifestyle – The food we eat, including herbs and nutrients, exercise and personal needs.

How does it work?

Your subconscious mind is the ultra intelligent computer system of your body. It knows exactly what you need in order to achieve balance in the six key areas of health.

We use specific questioning, charts and muscle testing to get precise answers from your subconscious mind about imbalances in your body that need to be addressed.

Once an imbalance is found, a therapeutic magnet is run down the Governing Meridian (a major channel in your acupuncture system).  Magnetic energy flows through your entire body instantly and carries out the intention to either release the negative energy or restore balance to your body’s energy circuit.  This quick procedure is totally non-invasive and painless.

What can Body Code™ Help?

Releasing energetic imbalances using Body Code has helped people with:

Acid reflux, ADD/ADHD, Addiction, Abdominal Pain, Allergies, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Back Pain, Bed-wetting, Bell’s Palsy, Blood Pressure problems, Cancer, Carpal Tunnel, Chest Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Infections, Colitis, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Depression, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Dyslexia, Eating disorders, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Hip Pain, Hormonal problems, Hypoglycemia, Hypo/hyperthyroidism, Infertility, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel (IBS), Knee Pain, Lupus, Migraines, Morning Sickness, Multiple Sclerosis, Neck Pain, Night Terrors, Obesity/overweight, Organ malfunction, Panic attacks, Phobias, PTSD, Sciatica, Sinus problems, Skin problems, Tennis elbow, Tinnitus, Vertigo

Body Code is one of the modalities that Claire uses in her Health Transformation and Emotional Release packages. See Claire Baker Treatments and Prices for more information.

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