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Pricing and Duration

For a specific modality, please follow the links above for more information and booking info.

My sessions will normally use a mixture depending upon what you need.

Package prices from the equivalent of £65 an hour.
Single sessions £80 an hour, £120 for 90 minutes

Limited number of discounted sessions available for people on benefits.

Health Transformation Package for chronic health conditions

Exploration session: 60 minutes – £75
This initial session explores what is going on for you and what you would like the outcome of working with me to be.  I will use muscle testing to connect to your subconscious mind and do a Body Code Evaluation,  check for any environmental allergies/sensitivities or food intolerances, and check if there are any limiting beliefs blocking you from healing.
Based on the results, I will recommend a package of sessions combining all my modalities that will best help you achieve your health goals.

Please contact Claire on 01582 831870 or email to book direct.

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