Following a series of treatments from Gwen not only has the problem of pains in my neck & shoulder been resolved, but other areas of knotting in my lower back and hips have been discovered and treated where I am now the most flexible than I have been in many, many years.  I highly recommend Gwen’s services. – Colin MacDougall

I really wanted to just write a few words to offer my heartfelt thanks to Helen following my 2 of an initial 3 sessions of acupuncture in treatment for a seized back and sciatica, well 2 sessions in and all is well, no that’s not really all, I have had many years of problems with my back since my salad days aged 18 – 25 when I served with the Army.
This last episode was following new health and safety guidelines to the letter and ended in me taking 3 weeks off work without pay!
I have tried everything and have had approx 10 visits to different osteo and chiropractic clinics with varying levels of relief following the many weeks of follow on exercises and stretching.
In desperation and curiosity I decided to try acupuncture, thank my lucky stars every day, it was 90 % better after the first session and today I had a second session and feel terrific.
Thanks once again to Helen, your fantastic, here’s hoping I never see you again! – Chris Harvey