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Gwen offers a number of treatments including

Oncology Massage Therapy : Providing support for you alongside or after your medical treatment plan. Undergoing treatment for cancer can be a difficult time. Though some people take medical treatment and numerous hospital appointments in their stride others find it takes a toll.  Feeling tired and achy yet unable to fully rest or switch off is a common concern for both patients and their loved ones.Oncology massage can help you find an oasis of calm in a busy and difficult time. Gentle techniques aim to safely ease away tension to help you rest. Calming the body can help settle an anxious mind. Being part of your treatment programme here we generate a sense of bringing body and mind together and working towards your best outcome.  There is always something we can do.

Scar Massage Therapy: With any injury, be it a cut, scrape, burn or surgical incision there will be a scar. We all mend differently but the scar tissue has characteristics that mean it doesn’t function in exactly the same way as the soft tissue it has repaired. Areas can feel tight or restrictive and encourage us to adapt our posture to accommodate a limitation. A range of techniques are used to connect with the soft tissues and ease discomfort or tension around keyhole or open surgery sites, around scars that cover joints and mastectomy/reconstruction scars. Regain the freedom to move without restriction.

Clinical Massage Therapy: Recovering from a fall, whiplash or surgery can take longer than we think. As well as the injured site physically mending, periods of inactivity can impact on the soft tissue function and hinder recovery once you’re well enough to start moving again. Support is offered to reconnect the mind with the changes in the body, to access the muscles and regain movement safely while recognising the meaning behind the physical feedback we receive. Working together, we’ll plan the small steps to your recovery to health.

Massage treatments are offered to meet our clients requirements but could include time out,  tension release,  pain management,  rehabilitation and stretching.

New client appointment £75 – allow up to 75 minutes

Follow up pay as you go £65 – allow up to 60 minutes

Treatment packages available – ask when booking

Home visits – from £80 please call to discuss

To discuss your needs and to book, please contact Gwen direct on 07940 814094 or

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We aim to provide high quality service to our patients and frequently have waiting lists for appointments.  All practitioners ask for 48 hours cancellation notice and have their own cancellation and ‘no show’ fee structure.  Please ask for the cancellation policy when booking with a practitioner.