Gwen Roby Smith

Gwen Roby Smith, Clinical, Oncology and Scar Massage Therapy

Gwen decided to train with the Jing Institute after discovering first-hand the benefits of clinical massage therapy following successful treatment of a long term painful shoulder condition that was unresolved despite previous interventions.

Her preferred style of massage includes a collection of techniques to create space in congested soft tissues, encourage movement and restore function without causing further distress or bruising.  The collaborative way of working is suitable for clients in pain and clients with anxiety.

Gwen has completed post-graduate training courses in myofascial release and oncology massage that enable her to work safely with clients undergoing cancer treatment and continues to offer massage on the Macmillan Suite at Luton & Dunstable Hospital.  Clients with mastectomy and reconstruction scars respond well to treatment and incorporate this therapy into their support and recovery plans.  This is an effective way to reduce adhesions, encourage correct tissue function and maintain or regain an effective range of movement.

Alongside gentler and slower techniques to relieve stress and tension, treatment plans can support clients living through physically and/or emotionally demanding times.  Releasing accumulated tension from the body, especially that which we are unaware of, can help maintain and even increase our capacity to deal with the stresses of daily life. Hands on therapies can assist in reducing the burden of stress and help you cope during those difficult times such as exam or work stress, dealing with loss, changes to your home situation or relationship breakdown.

Clinical and Sports massage techniques and Trigger Point therapy may also be used to release tight muscles causing discomfort, pain, restricted movement, headaches, sciatica and carpal tunnel like symptoms.

It is never too late to make changes, even if your treatment finished years ago.  Contact Gwen to discover what changes are possible.

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