Gwen Roby Smith

gwen1Gwen Roby Smith, Massage Therapist

Gwen decided to train with the Jing Institute after discovering first-hand the benefits of clinical massage therapy following successful treatment of a long term painful shoulder condition that was unresolved after rest and medication.  The combination of techniques including gentle but firm sustained pressure at specific points, massage of overtight muscle fibres and specific stretches, generated space in congested tissues and facilitated movement where once there was only tightness and pain.

There are a range of techniques available to use because every body is unique and may need different techniques in order to achieve their goals.

Whilst passive stretches are wonderful for relaxing and easing very tight muscles to into movement, they are also a great way to reconnect with our bodies as we spend an increasing amount of time ‘in our heads’.  It’s a great way to develop proprioceptive knowledge about our bodies and identify what’s tense and identify why we get that ache here or that pain there.  Brilliant for clients with limited mobility or neurological conditions as the work is done by the therapist; just lie back and enjoy a whole body workout without the effort!

More active stretches are great to engage with muscles we may have forgotten about and to strengthen those that may have weakened after injury, illness or long term misalignment.  Think you know how well all your muscles are working?  Check your stance in a long mirror – if your shoulder or hip is raised or you’re leaning  – your muscles groups aren’t working evenly and this imbalance can lead to you experiencing discomfort or pain over time.

Some side effects of a massage can include improved quantity or quality of sleep, reduction in discomfort and pain, increased range of movement, decreased levels of stress and tension and increased levels of relaxation, feelings of wellbeing and comfort.

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