Nicola Dunn HomeopathyHomeopathy is a gentle but powerful system of medicine that uses the body’s natural processes to stimulate healing, effectively, naturally, safely and holistically.   It recognizes that symptoms of ill health are the body’s way of expressing disharmony within the whole organism (the person) and that it is the patient that needs treatment not the disease.


The human body always works as one integrated unit while performing any function. Therefore, while treating an individual, he or she is to be considered as a whole. Even the habits and mental state of the individual are to be kept in view and homeopathic medicines are to be chosen according to totality of the characteristics and symptoms of the individual.

Homeopathy has a very large number of medicines available, and as we are all different our support should be too. Each of these medicines has its unique characteristics and the symptoms that it covers.

Homeopathy is safe, gentle and non-invasive. The remedies are made from a range of substances, such as plants and minerals, and are highly refined to the minimum dose required to stimulate the body’s own natural healing systems, so they are non-toxic with no danger of overdose, addiction or side effects. They are safe for use in pregnancy, and can be used by any age group, from newborn babies onwards.


Jane McIvor